craig wall

tarkine rainforest study

Where dinosaurs once walked...  the rainforests of the Tarkine are amongst the last remnants of a vast tract of cool temperate rainforest which once stretched across the southern half of the super-continent Gondwana.  

Fossils of these same tree species seen in this series of images can be found buried deep beneath the ice of Antarctica. It's a truly ancient, unique & precious wilderness that took over 100 million years to form, but only a few days to destroy. There's a battle going on... on one side you have small communities that have come to rely on logging & mining to keep their towns  economically viable;  on the other you have environmentalists fighting to have as much of this wilderness as possible protected. Once these forests are gone, the complex bio-diversity goes with it, only to be replaced with new growth forest that is little more than a 2 dimensional cartoon cut out of what was there before. Learn more at⠀